Learning Express Reno Curbside Delivery

The Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative does allow for our business to provide curbside service to our customers.  Due to the ever-changing circumstances, this service is subject to change without notice.  We will begin curbside service effective Tuesday, March 31st. Curbside service will be available Tuesday – Saturday, 10 to 2, but you may place your order at any time. We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times. Please follow our Facebook site for updates - https://www.facebook.com/learningexpressreno/

How to Place Orders for Curbside Pickup:  Please fill out an order form or email us something resembling our order form.  You may download the Excel spreadsheet below and fill it in, or you may download the PDF file and use it as an example. You are not required to use our form, but you must include the information shown below in your order. You may also hand write your order and email us a photo of your order, but please make sure it is legible. You must email your order to le306@sbcglobal.net. We will call or text you with any questions, or you may ask questions in your email. After the order has been filled, we will text you a copy of a quote so you’ll know the pricing of the items you’ve chosen. We will follow up with a call to make any final adjustments and for you to pay with a credit card over the phone. Once payment has been made we will coordinate the curbside pick-up.

The following information is required:
Your Name
Your Phone Number (preferably cell phone so we can text you)
Your Email Address (we’ll get this from the return address of your email to us)

Each item you order must include a Quantity (we’ll assume 1 if not specified), an Image # (found at the top of each image), the coordinate on the image (i.e. C10), a description of the item, and any special processing needed for the item. If the item is very obvious, you can just put the description such as “1 Genius Square Game”, but image # and coordinates will help speed up the process for most items.

Here is an example Order:

Jane Doe

Quantity 1, Image 21-03-021:E3, Large Blue/White Squishmallow, Wrap for Boy (Jimmy)

1 Doinkit Dart Game, wrap for a boy
1 21-03-098:D10 Playfoam Pals, I’d like Green but will accept Blue if you’re out

Curbside Pickup Order Form Excel (.xlxs)
Curbside Pickup Order Form  Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Use the links below to browse our inventory

Bunny Buffet / Easter
Cars & Construction
Horses & Breyer
Sensory / Slime / Putty
Dinosaurs & Sharks
Infant / Toddler / Bath
Science / Novelty
Pokémon, Beyblade, Tech Dec, Spy
Dolls & Calico Critters