What’s Interactive?

The Loomatic’s Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom is a very unique book. Not only does it use diagrams and pictures to teach you how to make rubber band jewelry, it also uses videos. In most cases the videos will not be needed, but as you start out using the book the videos can come in very handy.

Throughout the book you will find QR codes like the one below. When scanned with a smart phone or tablet you will be taken to either a full length video on how to make the bracelet, or to a short video clip explaining just a part of making the bracelet.


To see for yourself, use your smart phone to scan the code to the left. Or, if you don’t have one handy, just click on the QR Code to see a short YouTube video that is actually used in the book. The unique thing about QR Codes is that the videos they reference can be changed even after the book has been published, so they will always be up to date.